Tuesday, 29 November 2011


After a long flight and much interrogation we eventually landed in Huston and taken to Project Row with a whistle stop night tour of their site. They have been unbelievably welcoming and today has been full on packed day, meeting the team and touring the site. The passion is clear with and strong sense of continuity. Community members as staff and volunteers as well as the vibrate artist in residence programme. Whats been really clear today is the way in which the project as developed in an organic way,making mistakes, dealing with the same issues as in Pendle but very much at their needs. A message which stood out was the investment in people who will then invest in others, whether in project row or the wider community.

'something that really stood out for me was the passion from the staff and volunteers who managed the organisation' to go forward in Pendle what we need is ' joined up thinking' and get all sections of community to engage in making positive changes for the betterment of Pendle but primarily 'Brierfield' through using local artists and bringing good examples from Project Row'. Naheed (Resident & Community Worker)

'Ok, it's a typical 'Americanism' but our response to the project today has been that it's awesome.. Start with what you have and work with it.. Appreciate diversity and celebrate it... The day started with a moving conversation with our neighbour 'Brother-in-Law'. I asked him what it was like to live in Project Row, "it's a nice place to come home to". Sadly, I can't say that about Brierfield, not after the halted 'regeneration'. I want to find a way to create this for Brierfield and Pendle. By the way - Texas is bloomin freezin right now'!!! Thea (Resident & practitioner)

'Absolutely fantastic trip so far. After an EPIC journey followed by two interrogations from the immigration it was finally great to be in the the US of A!! Just had an introduction to the project here in the third ward. Got to see its totally inspiring. the enthusiasm of the staff is second to none and its really empowering to see that when a community works collectively it can achieve real great things! Looking forward to engaging with the community and especially the young people to see how what makes them want to engage consistently with the project. Lets hope we can all come back and bring some os this positivity back to pendle'. Wasif (Young People Service Youth Worker)

Beautiful Huston morning at Project Row
Meeting JL the local cleaner
Communograph inspiring our teaching colleagues from Marsden Heights

Meeting the team
Touring the site

The original house first renovated for artists

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