Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Similar challenges

As much as there is much to learn and be inspired by PRH, its amazing we have some of the same challenges with partnerships, finding funding and mixing art and renewal. We had to present to the board last night and met a broad range of people from a range of professional backgrounds and residents. It was great to see how this structure works. Its just really good to see how artists round the table are completely equal in making decisions. Some partners in the area working very closely with PRH and some don't, not everyone can like what you do.

A great example of finding creative solutions to issues facing the block. The petrol station is an area which has issues with drug dealing and petty crime etc. The board wanted to create more fences etc etc. Rather than respond with this a group got together and decided to have parties on the land of the petrol station and very soon the people creating the issues moved on and those in-between got involved in Project Row Houses, brilliant! (Could probably explain that better but this is the kind of process which makes PRH special).

Even though we have some key challenges ahead, our group are getting inspired, teachers getting ideas on paper and a real can do attitude coming through. We have a fund-raising session planned with Michael the executive director which is brilliant, they are so open to help and share learning. Just being orotund their space, we are continually meeting people from the team who engage in who they are what they are doing, meeting people from the community who all seem to already know about us!

We have a big presentation tomorrow over a community lunch where we are all bringing food, so we are prepping our best english dishes or puddings, apple crumble, mince pies and of course Lancashire hot pot!

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