Thursday, 1 December 2011

After school programme

Really inspired and humbled by the fantastic after school programme run by Hamdiya.  The quality of education is outstanding and all within in an arts context!!  We have a lot to learn from this.  Can't wait to get back to school and start a 'pen pal' style exchange between our students and theirs.  Definite highlight so far. Wendy Thain, teacher at Marsden Heights Community College


  1. Just been through all the films - looks really inspiring. I think that the conversations around changing the context of the relationship between artists and communities, when there is a real need for basics facilities like housing and how the creativity can be a catalyst for these changes - as Kerry was talking about in the first film, will be really interesting to all those partners in the project who aren't art based. It's such a good example of how to get a community to work successfully.

  2. Thanks Laura for this, we have lots to think about and share!