Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Leg warmers and flat caps

Caught up last week with some members of the group who went to Houston.
Naheed, Wasif, Thea, Aamir, Paul and William (me).
We had an indian meal and talked about our exeriences since returning from Project Row Houses back in Nov 2011.

Aamir and I were talking about my plans for a dance project in Brierfield and he was saying how he and his crew are short of somewhere to practice at the moment. I mentioned this to Wasif who put Aamir in contact with Nelson Youth Club and he can practice there on a weekly basis, what a result.
Its also an opportunity for the other young people to watch and learn dance skills for themselves... everyone is a winner!

The facilities at the centre are brand new and I can't wait to start my project. I'l reveal more about it once it has started and things develop.

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