Saturday, 31 March 2012

First sightings & slick moves

What a great night last night!
It was Aamir's first sight of the real thing... people dancing to Motown and Northern Soul at Colne Muni.
We got a superb view of some amazing old school dancers with some absolutely fantastic moves from the era of Wigan casino etc.
It was lovely to see Wendy and her husband Roman (a top DJ) who later played 'Beggin' by Timebox for Aamir, what a nice surprise. We even had our photo's taken by Wendys friend, who is also a great dancer.
Everyone had a brilliant time and now that Aamir has seen how it should be done, he promises to have a go next time... and who knows, perhaps I will too.

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  1. And we went to see some Country and Western...

    it was groovin' but not like this: