Friday, 31 August 2012

Don't Stop Me Now, I'm having such a good time!

On the brink of something special.

A few weeks ago we saw The Wigan Young Souls at a gig in Blackburn.
Then we saw Roy Speed one night in Colne.

Last night it all came together under one roof in Bolton.

Martin and Niki getting warmed up with Roy.

Martin demonstrates his extraordinary break dancing skills and tricks to the young guns.
The WYS dress authentically in Northern Soul gear in preparation for their role in the upcoming movie 'Northern Soul-the movie'.
Young Ethan gave Martin a run for his money and showed that he can bust a groove with the best of them.
 What a mover and with so much confidence he really looks the part.
 They had a quick chat about sharing skills and tips...
 before Martin got some old school advice from Tommo regarding his technique and ability to blend his familiar street moves with new soul grooves.
A massive thank you to The Wigan Young Souls for making us feel so welcome in Bolton last night. Was great to meet Brent, Tommo, Sue, Steve and Martin the photographer and all the young dancers.
We were well buzzing during the drive back to East Lancs and cant wait for next week.

Tonight we head to The Twisted Wheel for one of its final sessions before demolition later this year.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Check it out now... Funk... Soul... Brother!

Martin and I had the greatest pleasure of having a brew with Roy Speed: dance icon of the North.
There were conversations about the development and influence of dance music from the past and present, most of which I struggled to follow but they understood each other perfectly.
Roy has invited us to join him at a Wigan Young Souls training session tomorrow in Bolton and its something we can't afford to miss.
We are planning our own training session with Roy next week and are greatful for his enthusiastic support and look forward to his influence on our development.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

The man... the legend

There has been a lot of Northern Soul activity in East Lancashire this weekend.
First, we went to King Georges Hall in Blackburn to watch and take part as extras in the filming of a Northern Soul film. It was amazing to see how they recreated a scene from Wigan Casino using lighting, smoke machines and authentic dance moves and costumes... fascinating stuff. No pictures from there I'm afraid, copyright and all that.

However, we then went to Colne Municipal Hall for the 12th birthday celebrations of the Soul Night. They were making a film called 'One Night in Colne' and I managed to get some footage of arguably the best dancer in these parts... the one and only Roy Stewart. Its not often you get chance to capture him on the floor alone and with such great light too. The film crew had set up a spotlight which ran right across the dance floor making it possible to admire some of the sublime footwork skills of this master of soul.
Watch and learn baby... watch... and... learn.

Friday, 3 August 2012

History of The Wheel

We were very honoured to be VIP guests at the preview of the new film documentary about the history of The Twisted Wheel in Manchester.
 It was a chance to learn about how the club started up..
 and how earlier Black American music influenced the Northern Soul scene.
 Picture below is blurred to protect copyright of film makers.
Big thanks to Coxy for getting us in to see this.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012