Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Soul Fresh... a little damp but still fresh.. eh!

We braved the rain to share a dance session with Roy and Wendy this morning at the library ni Brierfield.
Roy told us a story about how his overcoat once saved his life.
 Then it was down to business with some slow modern soul tracks and Roy's direction...
 lots of groovy tracks...
 with opportunities for Martin to practise mixing it up a little..
 and for Roy to enjoy himself on the floor...
 Martin has really found himself a nice groove to take his dance moves forward.
Meanwhile, I'm going to attend a soul gig this weekend at RollsRoyce Social Club in Barlick to see if my dancing in public phobia has faded at all?

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A day out in-situ

Today's the day when East meets West, Academia meets Community Space and Art meets Music.

Bernard Cox makes a quick start at showing us how to get into the beats of soul.
 A group of students from The University of Central Lancashire, Preston and The Beaconhouse National University in Lahore, Pakistan came to watch and join in with our Morning Soul Session with Roy Stewart in Brierfield Library... arguably the COOLEST LIBRARY IN THE UK!

We've got ROY STEWART!... We've got ROY STEWART!... We've got ROY STEWART!  etc. etc.
GM and Tayyeb from Lahore, enjoyed showing us some traditional moves to Roy's soul trax.

 Roy stopped the music to explain a few rules about dance floor etiquette...
 before starting a dance off with Martin ...
 who replied by turning himself into a Picasso sculpture...
 before doing some amazing break moves...
 followed by Roy with some old school tricks...
 and some encouragement for the audience.
 Graham shows us his way of floating on the dance floor without breaking sweat...
 then tucks into the buffet lunch.
 We had a quick walk around the block to checkout the new mosque...
 then back to the library...
 for a short lecture by Dr Mat Gregory from UCLan on 'Creative Culture'.
Paul tweeted some pix during the event...
 As Dr Gregory presented interesting examples of artists working with people, place and political situations.
 Our new In-situ space is great for exhibitions, dance sessions and lectures... its so versatile eh.

The students from Lahore are visiting the area as part of a project called INSPIRE and is funded by The British Council through The University of Central Lancs. The photograph installation is called 'Lahore-Chandigarh' and is due to tour multiple venues in the UK, India and Pakistan.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Building a new place

We have got part of the new city built in preparation for tomorrows event.
We are expecting some visitors from Lahore, Pakistan around 10.30.
There are over 200 photos to install...
and it took us 1.5 hrs to install just 85 of them as seen in these pix.
David has very kindly offered to let us in early tomorrow morning to try and get the rest installed before the party starts at Brierfield library.
The installation is the launch of a multi-venue touring exhibition called Lahore-Chandigarh and is set to be shown in South Asia and the UK over 2012-13.

A 1612 Struggle with Philippe Handford

Friday, 14 September 2012

Fusion in action

Over at Rumworth Hall in Bolton...
 Ethan was still dancing, knocking out some interesting grooves.
 Martin was getting some help from Gill about his posture..
 before trying it out and making some major improvements in his style.
 It took Chantelle a little while.. to find the courage to join in ...
 and get some advice from big Brent on her footwork.
 They were both growing in confidence as the evening progressed.
 And Roy was on hand to add plenty of style advice for all to see.
 Ethan demonstrates that you can fuse soul with street just by wearing Martins hat.

Social media Surgery

Great turn out for our first Pendle social media surgery we are supporting, increasing the use communicating with young people through the Big Conversation

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Soul for breakfast, dinner and tea!

Today was a very special day in East Lancashire. We held the first ever drop-in Soul Session at Brierfield Library. 
As soon as the music came on (not too loud in respect of other users)... Coxy was out on the floor...
and Wendy did a great job at helping me overcome my dancing phobia...  the Lancashire Libraries representative (Georgia B.) did the staff proud and looked as if she'd been doing it for years.
Coxy found a 'Mod Corner' to hang out for a few minutes... looking cool as ever!
 and Roy was happy to share his super smooth dance moves with Martin.
Next weeks soul session is Wed 19th Sept - 10.30 till 12noon... its free, so pop in for a chat, dance or just to watch people loving dance for dancing sake. Also, we will have some special guests all the way from Lahore popping in to join in the fun. 

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Librarian workshop

We had an exciting morning taking part in a workshop with library managers from across the county, sharing the work we are doing in Pendle and the possible collaborations with libraries as cultural arts venues. Lots of exciting potential.

Monday, 10 September 2012

In-Conversation 009

5 - 6.30pm

009 in-conversation

bureaucracy - barriers - overcoming hurdles

Friday, 7 September 2012

Full Crew

Its been a long time since we had all three of our dancers together. Aamir had driven all the way up from Derby just to take part, now thats dedication.
 We observed some kicks from Roy..
 and the other dancers...
 who make it look easy...
 but its not!
 Roy makes some nice flowing shapes in his moves.
 Young Ethan takes a break outside...
 while Martin and Roy talk about... stuff?
 Then its time to have a go ourselves...
 with Chantelle joining in too...
 and Martin trying out his tricks...
 and Roy floating on air.
Aamir and Chantelle put some last minute effort in on the dance floor...
 Roy shows everyone how its done.