Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Chin-wag

There are some records that you've just got to dance to...

like 'Blues in the Night' by Johnnie Taylor. 
 before settling down...
 to that good old English past time of....
 a brew and a natter...
 about old friends...
 and dance clubs...
 first loves...
 and first dances...
 first records...
 and first soul suits...
 to last records...
 last dances...
and somehow trying to archive the lot using video, photography and Brierfield Library.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Latest Photos from Project Row Houses

Checkout the latest photos from Williams recent visit to Project Row Houses as part of the Round 37 artist residency programme on our Houston page...

or click HERE

Monday, 29 October 2012

In-Conversation 011

Please find details of our next in-conversation 011 below. We would love to see you there and please pass onto your networks

We will be joined by artists from the Ground-UP collective working in South West Burnley.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

bench mark

With an open approach, we neither presuppose nor make assumptions about environment, people, place or culture

it’s right up there in our in-situ statement
but some things are far easier said than done
i’ve been carrying around an idea for a while
holding on to it
waiting for the right time to begin
bench mark
and t’h’ere
while william’s over there
in prh
i thought, would be a grand time to begin

in an area of brierfield
that’s been raised to the ground
and flattened and turfed
is a bench
a bit tatty around the edges
in my opinion
in need of some tlc

on day 1 of t’h’ere
off i set
with a bucket and a brush
to clean the bench
and prep it for a lick of paint
autumnal colours – i though – would be nice

as soon as i got up close and personal
with the bench
i realised
not only is it un-paintable
but it’s also un-sit-on-able
covered in algae
(if only i could spell)

unmaintained for years
in this climate
too wet to paint

i cleaned it
to the amazement and thanks of locals who stopped to chat

but sadly
as a bench
it’s non functional

it looks
(as i did)

but it's not

my assumption:
that i could spruce it up with a lick o' paint
was/is scuppered 

A funny thing happened to me today

A funny thing happened to me today
in brierfield

after sorting out and saving books from a pulping

I went out into the streets of brierfield
equipped with stool, umbrella, sketch book, crayons, camera, flask,


and tasks…

wonder at will and go where the mood takes me
talk to people
take photos
do a rubbing
collect a man made object
collect a natural thing
buy something for under £2.00

i wondered out of the library
crossed the road
and was taken by the bread cutting machine and cakes in Oddies (bakery) window
i pulled out my chair and sketch book and began to draw
from the street
looking in
within second the shop assistant came out
What are you doing?!!
I don't think that's legal 
            Of course it is – it's not against the law to draw
Well, it might not be but you don’t have permission and I'm sure it's against oddies policies
            Is it? Perhaps you should call them and ask.
I will!
and in she went
i sat and finished my drawing – she didn't come back out.

i had wanted to spend my £2.00 in there, but decided against it. besides, two quids worth of cake can't be healthy

i carried on wondering  
bitter cold wind making drawing difficult

before too long i was outside brierfield mill entrance
my lingering and looking at the grand empty building 
and playing with the turnstile 
made the guard dog bark
and next thing – a man comes out to ask what i was up to
i told him – i'm out sketching brierfield and i was going to do a drawing of the mill
he seemed quite taken by this and started telling me about the mill and PEARL’S (£20 million) plans to redevelop it
we chatted for quite some time about his 30 years working in the mill as an engineer, about the mill’s history, and it’s architecture
on my way back to the library
i had one last task to complete
i stopped at a corner shop and bought some cotton buds for 69p 
the then engineer, now security guard, had told me that when he worked at the mill it was manufacturing all things cotton wool…