Wednesday, 17 October 2012

bench mark

With an open approach, we neither presuppose nor make assumptions about environment, people, place or culture

it’s right up there in our in-situ statement
but some things are far easier said than done
i’ve been carrying around an idea for a while
holding on to it
waiting for the right time to begin
bench mark
and t’h’ere
while william’s over there
in prh
i thought, would be a grand time to begin

in an area of brierfield
that’s been raised to the ground
and flattened and turfed
is a bench
a bit tatty around the edges
in my opinion
in need of some tlc

on day 1 of t’h’ere
off i set
with a bucket and a brush
to clean the bench
and prep it for a lick of paint
autumnal colours – i though – would be nice

as soon as i got up close and personal
with the bench
i realised
not only is it un-paintable
but it’s also un-sit-on-able
covered in algae
(if only i could spell)

unmaintained for years
in this climate
too wet to paint

i cleaned it
to the amazement and thanks of locals who stopped to chat

but sadly
as a bench
it’s non functional

it looks
(as i did)

but it's not

my assumption:
that i could spruce it up with a lick o' paint
was/is scuppered 

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