Monday, 25 February 2013

Talkaoke Pendle

As part of the BIG Converstaion we started a collaboration with London based artist collective The People Speak and brought Talkaoke to Pendle. Talkaoke is an interactive talkshow performance where you decide whats discussed. We invited young people and adult decision makers from across Pendle to look at the issues affecting young people today. We had one day at the ACE Centre in Nelson and a little tour to Brierfield Library and Trawden community centre on the second day. We were joined by local coucillers, the MP Andrew Stephenson, comissioners from the NHS and policy makers in Pendle Borough Council. We covered a range of topics but here are a few:
  • Religion and culture differences
  • Use of public money on Sports venues
  • Mental Health issues
  • How to spend the salary of the Pendle Council CEO
  • Violent video game and films
  • Internet safety for YP and knowledge for Parents
  • The development of a local skate park
  • Employment issues
  • Education and the rising cost of University tuition
The ACE Centre -
Brierfield Library -
Trawden Community Centre -

Talkaoke will return as we have funding to look at training 10 young people to facilitate more discussion at other events across Pendle and maybe beyond.
Here is a snapshot of the two days:

Friday, 15 February 2013

R.B. Audio & Amy Pennington

Our first Artist in Residence Amy Pennington has been busy about town just lately.
 one of her ideas has been realised this week...
 in R.B. Audio shop on the main road...
 Razool, the owner kindly let her create a video installation in his shop...
 Amy tried to animate as many of his televisions as possible...
 and show a selection of work from a number of artists in the area.
 From found footage of building the M65 to...
 Northern Soul dancers...
 and light projections onto the hands of local residents.
 She even had some of the TVs inside the shop displaying work.
A great installation and much appreciated by the shop keeper.

The Psychic Power of Plants- Ailie Rutherford

So everyone got wired up..
and connected to the plants...
 under the guidance of Ailie Rutherford, our expert for the day.
 Then it was a case of...
 relaxing and making sure our wires were connected...
 and we were focused..
 and serious...
 to feel the vibes.
 a little last minute adjustment...
 and off we go...
 deeper and deeper...
 into the plant psyche...
 allowing our thoughts and impulses to manifest in drawings..
 and words using a typewriter..
 tap tap tap
 tap tap tap
 tap tap tap
 All done and time for a smile...
 and a chance for Amy Pennington to have a go...
 must... stay... focused.
 tap tap tap
 typing over the psychic drawings..
looks great...
 could this be the work of the plants....
 or the participants...
 or is it a collaboration between them both?

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

In-residence 002 Helmut Lemke

Please have a look at the new blog by Helmut Lemke, who started last week on his in- residence in Brierfield. Helmut is overlapping with Amy Pennington who is currently rounding off with a potential film installation in the local television shop....all being well to be previewed on Wednesday after the in-conversation. Here is a link to Helmut's blog:

Monday, 11 February 2013

In-Conversation 014

Join us for an interesting if not a little off the wall in-conversation

Friday, 8 February 2013

Its Official... Recorded Soul

Here is a sneak preview of our new contact card for the Recorded Soul archive.
Soulies can soon expect to see it floating around at gigs up and down the country, giving them a chance to be part of the legacy.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

tHere Library at Project Row Houses

Here is a short slideshow/film of our trip to Houston at visit to Project Row Houses. Again a fantastic trip with lots to learn. David our Library branch manager over came his fear of flying to have an amazing experience both personally and what he took from the libraries in Houston. Little things that could make a massive difference to libraries here. The young people of project row houses loved the temporary library and for some this was their first library card.