Monday, 22 April 2013

In-Conversation 017 - Shredding with Jeni McConnell

Here is a snap shot of Jeni's talk in May:

Jeni will be leading two discussions resulting from her time working in Brierfield. Please join us to hear more?

Thursday, 11 April 2013

A date with soul

So Roy has this piece of paper in his pocket...
He is DJing at various venues over the coming months and this is his schedule.
In-Situ will be at some of the gigs too, camera ready to photograph any artefacts from your Soul History.


Some pix from yesterdays Talkeaoke event at Brierfield Library.
There was young Jack and Leanne (with Mikey on the mic).
and Andrea from 'Stroke' and the local dance legend Roy Stewart...
 and David from 'Stroke' who shared his first hand experiences with the group...
 Jack putting things across diplomatically...
 Lynne took some time out from tweeting to get involved in the discussion...
 everyone got a chance to have their say on an ever shifting and developing conversation...
 from education, TV, The symptoms and causes of suffering a stroke and...

Brierfield Book Mystery

Jeni McConnell asks...
Imagine if you were a book in a library, what book would you be? 
Simply fill in the form at the library or get one from the artist as she wanders around Brierfield with her mobile library. Complete the form and you will soon become part of the Brierfield Book Mystery.
Brierfield Book Mystery Diary Dates:
'Sculptural Book Folding Workshop'-Mon 22nd April-4.30-6.30pm.
'Making Simple Books Workshop'-Mon 29th April-4.30-6.30pm.
Children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult.
Please book your place with the library staff.

Jeni In-Conversation at the library on Wed 8th May-3.30-5.00pm all welcome.
Jeni In-Conversation with the community-5.30-6.30pm all welcome.

Jeni McConnell is an artist working with In-Situ based at Brierfield Library. You can contact her directly via 

Saturday, 6 April 2013


long have i loved spiced chai latte
no longer am i restricted to the tub or cafe
for i now know who to cook up the brew
taught to me by an art  student from lahore

on the exchange programme – inspire
outside brierfield library
on a hob
a pan
tea bags ripped open
added to a tad of water
with lots of sugar and seeds from 3 green cardamoms
boiled rapidly

with a lid on to trap in the steam

milk added and simmered for 20 mins
and then the magic bit…

last 3 mins of Chai

now we can offer two types of tea at our events: builders tea and pakistani chai.