Thursday, 11 April 2013

Brierfield Book Mystery

Jeni McConnell asks...
Imagine if you were a book in a library, what book would you be? 
Simply fill in the form at the library or get one from the artist as she wanders around Brierfield with her mobile library. Complete the form and you will soon become part of the Brierfield Book Mystery.
Brierfield Book Mystery Diary Dates:
'Sculptural Book Folding Workshop'-Mon 22nd April-4.30-6.30pm.
'Making Simple Books Workshop'-Mon 29th April-4.30-6.30pm.
Children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult.
Please book your place with the library staff.

Jeni In-Conversation at the library on Wed 8th May-3.30-5.00pm all welcome.
Jeni In-Conversation with the community-5.30-6.30pm all welcome.

Jeni McConnell is an artist working with In-Situ based at Brierfield Library. You can contact her directly via 

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