Monday, 13 May 2013

The ARK is coming....

In May and June this year a newly commissioned floating sculpture will travel down the Leeds to Liverpool canal between Blackburn to Brierfield. Artist Beth Derbyshire has created The Ark in response to the beautiful and unexpected landscape of Pennine Lancashire and the stories that are contained there. The Ark will take the shape of a traditional terraced house, with intricately cut walls that will reflect textile patterns from the areas rich cultural history. The work will have a living green roof that mirrors the grasses and heathers seen on the hills and moors of the landscape. Audiences will be invited to board the boat in small groups to watch a wall of films that have been made to explore some of the elements so important in the shaping of the areas landscape from water and quarrying to communities that have moved in and out of the area.

As the Ark makes its way down the canal through the landscape it will mysteriously disappear from the boat and pop up in town centres, to take its message of celebrating the local landscape to a new audience.

Surrounding the Arks progression through Pennine Lancashire there will be programme of activity and events from artist talks to planting workshops and bee talks.

In-Situ has arranged a number of activities during the time The ARK lands in Brierfield:

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