Thursday, 19 September 2013

wading through

The other sunday, joe hesketh and I walked through Pendle Water
from her backdoor in barrowford
from quaker’s bridge in brierfield
up stream
to where we met in nelson – victoria park

donned in waist high waders we worked our way through Water
around our waists, nets
hands gloved
grabbing and pulling out crap
some too big to remove
some small enough to fit in our nets
bulging with waste
in shallows
our bustles bumped our calves
bruising purples, blacks, and yellows
in deeper water the bulging bustles floated
dragging other’s
mindlessly discarded wanton waste

an action
two women
ankle high
walking though Water
thigh high wading

filmed by
five hours of footage
to be cut and rendered
into a film 
two women
dragging other’s mindlessly discarded wanton waste
in Pendle Water

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