Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Uplifting R & B

Despite the deep onset of 'busyman-flu' I had the pleasure of the company of two gentlemen willing to share their life experiences and knowledge of Soul over several cups of black coffee and pots of tea.

We made plans for next years 'Recorded Soul: The All-Nighter' at Manchester's Victoria Baths. 
Details will be released once DJs are confirmed but if you are interested in Art & Soul then you need to block out the 3rd and 4th May 2014.

Off on a tangent time: 
Occasionally life gives us a sign to confirm that things are ok and that we're on the right path and today a sign appeared all by itself when we were discussing a small personal collaborative research project between Bernard and Roy. 
You will however, have to wait until the event at Victoria Baths to see what that collaboration produces but as we were talking Bernard began to refer to their collaboration as R & B... referencing their names Roy & Bernard. For me this was a eureka moment (could be the drugs I'm on for my cold?) and I immediately got excited and haven't stopped thinking about it and how relevant it is given the subject of Soul music.
End of tangent.

On another note.
The original Russ Winstanley record boxes finally arrived and I can now start working on the design to house the Recorded Soul archive. Again... watch this space for further developments.

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