Friday, 6 December 2013


Brierfield Mill was unlocked on Saturday 30th November for the launch of the master plan. Members of the public came in droves to see the ambitious development plans presented to bring the mill back to life. Brierfield Mill is an important feature of the town, and it’s history, and local people are keen to see it brought back into use and be a vibrant part of Brierfield’s future. (It’s been empty and closed Smith and Nephew left in 2006).

Presented on the first floor, In-Situ contributed some examples of our practice. 
For In-Situ it was a great day at the mill: in many ways it kind if became our [unofficial] launch. More people got to see what we’re doing and connect with our work in the area.
William Titley installed sounds of looms spinning, which echoed memories of the past industrial days down the stairwell.

Kerry spent time revealing the past by ‘scrubbing and mopping’ the quarry stone tiles.

(Image by Keith Blackburn)

Jane Lawson’s (Our in-residence 004) timeline created a conversation point, seeing some important historical moments in Brierfield against a national and international backdrop, along side the humorous incidents in the town’s history.

Helmut Lemke (Our in-residence 004) suspended the huge selection of keys collected over the last 2 years by the on-site mill manager, Paul Fyldes.

(Image by Keith Blackburn)

And, Talkaoke generated discussion about the plans and the history of the mill.