Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Lancashire Arts Exchange

To support the Have Your Say report here is a snap shot of the amazing and diverse arts and cultural activity across Lancashire

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Have Your Say Report

Have Your Say is a document produced by Arts Lancashire, making a case for continued investment in the arts and telling the story of what arts and culture brings to the lives of people in Lancashire.

It is only the beginning of a new conversation we want to have with the people and organisations we connect with, and which you are welcome to participate in by contacting us via In-Situ and telling us about how arts and cultural experiences have had an impact on you.

Arts Lancashire would like to thank everyone who took the time to have their say and intend that this document will form part of an important dialogue with funders and supporters, to enable arts organisations to continue to do the work they are passionate about in our county. 


Alan Dryer - Letter of Support

I’ve just spotted your organisation on the web.
I’m from Nelson but left a long time ago to go to art college.
I’ve just read an article in ‘Pendle Today, and was interested in the work you are doing in Brierfield and the exhibition you held in the old mill.
I’d like to say it’s great to see what you’re doing for the arts in the area and wish you all success. At the time I left Nelson many of the local mills were still operational but as they closed and remained empty I always thought they would be ideal places for artists studios, exhibitions, installations, etc.
In the early 80s In Coventry, together with some fellow artists, I formed a company and took over an old warehouse building in Coventry’s canal basin and made it into a centre for affordable artists studios. The surrounding derelict area in the canal basin was subsequently developed by the city council and British Waterways and became a thriving small business area as a consequence of the artists bringing new life to the area.
Our group began in 1980 and we now have some 40 artists and designers occupying the warehouse building and contributing to the creative life of the local area in Coventry. Over more than 30 years the artists here have shown that the arts and the presence of art practitioners in secure and affordable studios can be a substantial catalyst for bringing new life and business to an otherwise run down area.
This is the first time I’ve heard of an arts initiative like yours in the Nelson/Brierfield area although I still visit the Pendle Heritage Centre on return visits to Nelson and have noticed that the old mill in Higherford now has some arts and crafts studios.
I thought at first your group had taken over the old Brierfield Mill on a permanent basis for artists studios. My group got British Waterways (now Canal and River Trust) to give us a 120 year lease on the old warehouse building here which has made it possible to establish a secure and permanent arts base in the local area.
I noticed in the Pendle Today article that Joe Cooney spoke of a “masterplan for transforming this iconic building and making it a destination for the North West”. That sounds great and I wish you all well and every success.

All the best,

Alan Dyer
Chairman & Financial Director
Coventry Canal Basin Trust Ltd
Canal Basin Warehouse
Leicester Row
Coventry CV1 4LH

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

In-Situ are hosting an an open weekend on Saturday 30th & Sunday 31st August 10:30 AM – 4.00 PM. 

The event is at Northlight (formerly know as Brierfield Mill). The event will be a exciting weekend of discussion, ideas and art. This is part of the Super Slow Way summer programme Cast Off, In-Situ working with Mid Pennine Arts are exploring creative potential of the empty Northlight Mill (Brierfield Mill). Works have been installed  that animate the derelict structure: works created to inspire discussion around the role of arts and culture in  the mill and as part of the Super Slow Way programme. Working with Pearl 2 the public/private partnership between local developer Barnfield Construction and Pendle Borough Council, an exciting opportunity has arisen to develop new ventures within this extraordinary complex now, and in the future. In-Situ are at the heart of the cultural planning and we want to broaden the horizon of possibilities; hence, inviting you to this meal in the mill.We feel you could contribute something amazing to evening.

The art installations include new collaborative work by In-Situ, a new work by past and current in-residence artists: Mike Chavez-Dawson,  Autumn Knight,  and Helmut Lemke, and a new commissioned work by Nayan Kulkarni. All work is site specific.  

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

In Situ is planting life-changing seeds in Brierfield

Evaluating the work we do is not an easy task. As this letter to us illustrates, the positive impact art has on our lives can take years to realize.


I had a less than extraordinary childhood in the Pendle village of Barrowford but when I was seven years old (in 1971) an extraordinary thing happened. This event changed my perception of life and had a massive influence on where I am today, how I chose my husband, how I raise my children.

On my way to the village shop to buy sweets I met a man in a ragged top hat and strange clothes sitting on a tiny stool on the corner of a street. He didn't speak to me but as I walked past he silently handed me a leaflet. It said there was to be a Mystery Tour that night, leaving from the corner where the man was sitting.

Forgetting my sweets I ran home and begged my mum to allow us to go. Uncharacteristically, she agreed. We left - mum, me and my elder sister Janet - to screams from my Aunt that we would be kidnapped and the children taken away for dark deeds. She wasn't joking.

I was terrified as Aunty Pat screamed, I was terrified as we boarded the coach with its mysterious crew - men with make up and silken tailcoats, a beautiful Geisha who looked like a China doll. I was terrified when 'The Baron' appeared in the path of the coach in Wycoller, flagged it down and then came on board, barking at us in German, scrutinizing me through his monocle. I was terrified when the coach got stuck on a narrow lane and we had to walk home for 6 miles.

I shook with fear, I shook with excitement and I knew back then that what I was experiencing would be a defining moment in my life.

The Mystery Tour was brought to us by the Mid Pennine Art Group, although none of the present group remembers any of this making it even more mysterious. Nor do they remember the subsequent yearly event of setting fire to a man with a bathtub on his back before throwing him in the village river. This was a celebration of the New Year.

What I learned on the day of the Mystery Tour was that sometimes you have to push yourself out of your box and feel the fear of the new. If you don't you begin to shrivel and die.

Every time I feel the fear, every time I think it would be easier to stay at home rather than schlepp all the way to London to see the Bowie/Pearls/Isabella Blow exhibit I kick myself and do it. I married a man who kicks himself too and dons a dapper suit and a diamond bow brooch for the event. We take our children.

There were many questions at the In-Situ meeting as to how the group’s worth could be measured and validated. Maybe it can't. Who would know what changed my small outlook on life all those years ago? Even the arts group itself can't remember it.

In-Situ rekindled the excitement I felt when I took that leaflet form the strange man. Kerry on the streets drawing in chalk, adding a new dimension to our mill with her waterwheel, changing our landscape.

The film club celebrations of our old Unit 4 cinema, the excitement created in the town with William's Northern Soul project. The talk of outdoor kitchens and indoor farms, In Situ is planting life-changing seeds in Brierfield. Amidst poverty, disillusion and acute boredom its tendrils are creeping through our community and bursting into blooms that will stop people in their tracks and shock them into realizing that there's more to life than ordinary. And, that not all the things that scare you are bad.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Symposium International Networks and Local Landscapes

Eventually we have a great film by Graham Kay editing the highlights of a fantastic three days in February where we have great speakers, International visitors and a postcard exchange exhibition. All across three venues, Brierfield Library, UCLan and Brierfield Mill. The film captures the essence of the three days and to a backdrop of a sound piece by Helmut Lemke, one of the in-residence artists.

In-Situ Symposium 2014 from Fully Formed Films on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Five Ways to Well Being

We took part in another productive collaboration with Burnley Youth Theatre and students from Marsden Heights. As part of a commission by the PCT/LCC we are creating a resource for teachers, youth workers and young people to explore the topic of mental health with young people. In particular how we can support each other, spots the early signs and use the five ways to well being as a start to feeling better. We had an intense long day of filming at Burnley Arts Centre and with a tight, well organised schedule and committed young people from Marsden Heights and Indra theatre group the work was completed ready for editing. The resource will contain two stories of young people struggling with their well being and informs how we can explore what we can all so. This was the culmination of 10 week sessions deepening our understanding and turning that into a resource through film.

Friday, 14 March 2014

save our signal box meeting

we're hosting an open meeting in Brierfield library, on monday 17th March, 6.00pm, to discuss the signal box. if you would like to hear where things are up to, or find out more about being involved in saving a part of our heritage, please come along.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

International Networks & Local Landscapes

The symposium kicked off yesterday with a great start at the our library space. Our first international visitors arrived safe and sound and we welcomed students from Pakistan and there tutor. Rick Lowe was very excited to be in Pendle and it was fantastic to see him again. 

The installation exhibition was very well attended on a Wednesday evening with a few local people coming to find out more. Williams idea of people installing the postcards worked really well and there was much discussion about the images from artists in Lahore, Houston and around the UK. the students also shared a great film (which we will post) of all the students that have visited UCLan and spent time in Pendle, some great experiences of Pendle Hill, eating fish and chips and delivering and taking part in workshops with local people.

Here's William giving an introduction to the Inspire programme, links to In-Situ and postcards.

Installation begins, not laziness on our part or anything. Actually it made participants look at the work more as people picks ones they like to install.

Talking with delegates about the work.

A lovely evening meal to finish off where we catch up with Rick and found out how small the world really is.......random connections across the globe.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Right Here Right Now Exhibition

Please join us for the start of an interesting and inspiring few days, where international artists and practitioners will be joining us in Lancashire. We kick off with an exhibition of postcard art from UK, Pakistan and Houston based artists. Wednesday 26th February 4 - 7 PM.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Talkaoke is BACK

The next few days see's Talkaoke appear again across Pendle with the opportunity to find new hosts if you feel you have what it takes?

Do you like starting a conversation? 
Do you get into a good discussion?
Could you get a conversation going with a bunch of people from different backgrounds?
Are you good at listening?

If the answer is yes come along or get in touch. We are holding a training session tomorrow at Burnley Youth Theatre for anyone wanted to learn more and have a go. 
Thursday 6th February @ 6 PM

Talkaoke will also be appearing this Saturday 8th February at Nelson Library, Market Street, Nelson at 10 AM - 1 PM as part of national libraries day, come along and join the conversation. We will also be joined by Jeni McConnell and the Super Slow Way Buzz challenge, come and share your ideas on the creative programme.

Monday, 3 February 2014

International Networks and Local Landscapes Symposium

International Networks and Local Landscapes
In-Situ working in collaboration with University of Central Lancashire

Join our special guests from Project Row Houses, Texas, Liverpool Biennial, In-Certain Places, Asia Triennial, Art Gene, Chelsea College of Art, Beaconhouse National University Lahore and other academics and creative professionals, to discuss the impact of international art on local landscapes: communities, economies, and place.

For more information contact: paul@in-situ.org.uk


Wednesday 26th Feb, BRIERFIELD LIBRARY, 16:00 to 19:00 BOOK HERE

Thursday 27th Feb, UCLan, 10:15 – 16:00 BOOK HERE

Friday 28th Feb, BRIERFIELD MILLS, 10:30 – 16:00BOOK HERE