Friday, 4 December 2015

Good News, Brierfield!

Celebrating, Creating, Investigating and Restarting - Time for Good News in Brierfield!

Have you heard Northlight Mill's clock chiming?
Stopped clocks are believed to have a strong link to sadness. Northlight Mill's clock, seen  from Brierfield town center and the motorway, had been stopped for 5 years until Fill The Mill - an art event we put on over National Heritage Weekend this September.
An In-Situ project for collecting, communicating, celebrating and creating good news was launched through the reanimating of the sturdy old mill's clock; the clock was given a voice again: a tick tock as its hands went round with a chiming bell at its heart, and a vocal chord (assisted with by the public) - its lever/pully.
But its soul is just starting out - good news still being rung into and out of it - with messages about & tokens of your and our good news placed into a ballot box at the clock's feet. Together, we have been collecting many reasons to celebrate life in Brierfield!

At Burton Gardens & Around Brierfield
What A Load of Rubbish! is a part of the Good News project and is an intertwined strand of projects exploring waste and happiness. Waste and 'overgrown wasteland' are some of the most talked about issues in Brierfield, and so, to start changing the conversation and action taking place, we have begun clearing and cleaning up especially bad waste-dumping spots around Brierfield, whilst simultaneously collecting and creating good news.
We have also been drawing out good news happening in nature around Brierfield - the growth of wild plants!

Watch for updates as we share all this good news with you each week

At the Brierfield Light Switch On
The Shop, Nelson
Good News is Everywhere

Thank you to all those who've shared their good news so far!
We hope you've had and will continue to have as much fun as we have so far.
Here are just a few of the many endearing good news stories that have been shared with us over the past few months, we just wanted to share a few with everyone! Have a good day:
  • Someone stood on the bridge at the mill for the first time in 13 years
  • Someone has optimism for the future
  • A couple are now approved adopters
  • A couple booked their wedding
  • Someone has been out looking for bugs
  • Somebody's mum's exhaust broke and now it sounds like a Ferrari
  • Someone has won a medal in Ju-jit-su
  • Someone has now been to the funfair
  • Autumn is beautiful
& Barry got a new toaster!

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