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Paid Intern opportunity (6 Months) - In-Situ Environment Assistant

This is a full-time paid internship for six months and open to people aged up to 24 years old who are currently registered as unemployed with Job Centre and live in Lancashire.

Description: Environment Engagement Assistant

This is an amazing opportunity for a recent graduate or equivalent who wants to forge a career working across art, ecology and geography. This is an ideal post for a motivated individual looking for experience in environment engagement and project development in the fields of environmental art, ecology, and geography (particularly social, human, psycho and experimental geography).

Post Title:                    In-Situ Environment Engagement Assistant

Employer:                   In-Situ

Location of Post:       Brierfield Library
                                   Colne Road
                                   BB9 5HW

Employer Lead:        Paul Hartley, Director

Contact Details:

Line Manger:             Paul Hartley

Hours                          35 hours per week
Rate of Pay:              £7.85 per hour

*At the time of applying you must be aged 18 – 24 years old, live in Lancashire and you must be registered as unemployed with Jobcentre plus.
Please submit a letter of application no more than 2 sides of A4 (point 11) covering the following:
  • ·      Why you would like this opportunity?
  • ·      What you would hope to achieve?
  • A current CV

Deadline Tuesday 20th September 2016 5 PM
Interviews will be held on Thursday 29th September
To apply for the internship contact Rachel Holden at 01772 537 546 or email

For more information on the role email Kerry Morrison on  or call 07801709721

About In-Situ:

In-Situ is a dynamic artist led not-for-profit organization founded in 2011 and embedded in the former mill towns of Brierfield and Nelson, in Pendle, East Lancashire. In-Situ’s work explores the locale and responds to the people, place, and culture of Pendle in a sensitive manner. Inter-disciplinary approaches, collaboration and collaborative inquiry are fundamental to our core structure and our methodologies. With a social and environmental approach we work with and within communities. We listen to people's concerns and aspirations through meaningful conversations and nurture into existence art and environmental interventions that addresses local issues with the aim to make a positive difference to people’s lives and the environment.
Feedback from local residents indicates that people are interested in art that responds to, and integrates with, the fabric of Pendle: the environment, local cultures, and social issues.

For more information about our work and past and present projects, visit our website and Facebook page
Twitter: @insitu_1


In-Situ is seeking a highly motivated and forward thinking person who is interested in interdisciplinary art/ecology/geography approaches and community engagement to join our team.

This is an opportunity to be involved in an exciting new initiative that aims to improve access and enjoyment to the landscape and heritage of Pendle Hill Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). The Environment Engagement Assistant will assist with the development of a Pendle Hill AONB environment arts programme and an audience development plan. These significant pieces of work will inform the preparation of a Stage 2 application to the Heritage Lottery Fund by The Forest of Bowland and the Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership. 

The Environment Engagement Assistant will work closely with the In-Situ Directors in partnership with the Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership Development Officers to develop an exquisite and location specific environmental arts programme integrating art, ecology and geography approaches, and the audience development plan, which brings together the research and findings of the partners that has identified barriers to accessing the AONB landscape and means to overcoming these barriers. The audience development plan will be an easy to use guide, designed specifically for the Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership to assist with targeting audiences and participants for a range of outdoor activities across the Pendle Hill AONB. The environmental arts strand will develop a programme of high quality, ambitious works that inspires and connects us to the Pendle Hill AONB landscape, it’s ecology and heritage. The environmental arts development stage will lead to an Arts Council England application to Grants for the Arts.

Throughout, you will be given support from In-Situ’s Environment Artist and Art Director, Dr. Kerry Morrison and In-Situ’s Engagement Director, Paul Hartley.

Key Tasks:

The Environment Engagement Assistant will support with:
  • The creative development of the audience development plan
  • The environmental art programme development
  • The Arts Council Grants for the Arts application
  • On-going community engagement work, which will include broadcasting on the In-Situ community radio (ISBCA Art Radio) - training will be given
  • On-going consultation activity, which includes: art/ecology/geography interventions and mapping within the Pendle Hill AONB area
  • Social media (Tweets and Facebook) to promote activities (as above)

In addition, you will be expected to:
  • Provide administrative support as required
  • Attend local meetings and events as required
  • Assist with promotional materials for events, for example, putting up posters.
  • Interact positively with participants, volunteers and any other agencies involved
  • Carry out other duties in line with the level of the post.

The selected intern will:
  • Give weekly updates of their progress at the team meetings
  • Keep a diary of work to evidence progress of tasks
  • Keep accurate timesheets of hours of work.

Skills, Knowledge & Experience:

The Candidate should either: be able to demonstrate a high level of knowledge and experience in either art, ecology or geography practice in relation to access and/or appreciation of the natural environment; or, a recent graduate with a degree related to the subject of this post.

Candidates must demonstrate a high level of personal motivation.
We require an intern who:
  • Has great communication skills: written and conversational
  • Enjoys working in collaboration and as part of a team
  • Is friendly and outgoing
  • Has strong planning and organisational skills
·Has a good understanding of IT, including the use of social media.
  • Possess the ability to engage with people of different ages and backgrounds
  • Is wiling to work unsociable hours as and when required

Additional Information

Forest of Bowland AONB

The Forest of Bowland AONB was designated in 1964 with a primary purpose to conserve and enhance 800 square kilometres of important upland landscape within Lancashire and North Yorkshire.  An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) is designated and protected under the 1949 National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act, with protection further enhanced by the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000.

Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership

Pendle Hill, located on the South East fringe of the Forest Of Bowland, is an iconic landmark. However, it has two very different sides: light and dark, and its summit acts as a divide between places, people and economic activity. This exciting programme looks to gather together the two sides of the hill and re-connect people with their landscape and their past, to safeguard the area's wildlife and heritage and to improve people's access to this popular countryside area. We will do this by providing opportunities for training and volunteering; by supporting research and devising digital interpretation to inspire a new generation about our heritage; by restoring important wildlife and landscape features, and by working with communities to re-tell the stories of radical Pendle people. This programme will increase pride in this special place and raise aspirations amongst communities, and it will bring in new investment to support the environment and the economy.

Environment Engagement Assistant Personal Specification

Essential (E) or Desirable (D)

  • A Honors Degree or equivalent in related subjects
  • Able to demonstrate a commitment to and understanding of current practice and research in related subjects


Essential (E) or Desirable (D)
  • Experience of working as part of a team.
·Ability to work on own initiative.
·Experience of dealing with members of the public both in person, over the telephone and by email/letter
  • Positive attitude to community work with the ability to listen to and respond to different peoples needs.


Knowledge & Skills
Essential (E) or Desirable (D)
·An understanding and opinion on art (in it’s broadest sense)
·An understanding of ecology and the natural environment
·An understanding community engagement
·Ability to communicate effectively on all levels both verbally and in writing.
·Excellent time management, planning, organisational and presentation skills.
·Ability to work well with others and show a positive attitude in the work place.
·An understanding of IT and related applications.






Other (Including special requirements):

  • Friendly and outgoing
  • Willingness to learn
  • Ability to problem solve
  • Cooperative
  • Versatile
  • Resourceful
  • Creative

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Save our Library!

Save Our Library! Shout the children of Brierfield

On Thursday the 23rd of June 2016 Brierfield library was full of excitement and anticipation as the children from Pendle Primary Academy flooded into the library, accompanied by their parents and teachers, all thinking the same collective thought: Save Our Library!

On Friday the 6th of May Brierfield received the devastating news that their beloved library was being threatened with possible closure by their own council. The children, parents and staff of Pendle Primary Academy were not taking this news lying down and soon teamed up with In-Situ who had organised a public meeting to discuss what concerned members of the community could do to save the library and protest about its proposed closure. Pendle Primary Academy decided to stage a protest – a sit in in the library - and they did just that! At 11 o’clock precisely the library opened its doors to the school and its many costumed children, ranging from princesses to pirates (even Darth Vader showed his support!). They quickly settled at their home away from home and started creating posters, reading their favourite books and even some form filling for the adults which might have seemed a lot less exciting but certainly helps the cause. So many children showed up to support their library the many tables the library provides were soon too full for all the children! The adults therefore needed to watch their step to make sure they didn’t step on a child who was busy reading! Eventually, armed with posters and determined faces, the children lined up outside the library to take photos and show not only passers-by but also the council themselves that they will not let their library be taken without a fight!

Brierfield’s new local radio man, In-Situ artist in residence Helmut Lemke, was also there, representing In-Situ in their support of the protest. Helmut interviewed and recorded the youngsters, their parents and even the formers mayor’s opinions on the idea of closure, all of which were heartbroken at the idea of it.
The parents clearly expressed their emotions with many telling the radio of all the brilliant events the library holds, their children’s excitement at the idea of going to the library and their anger at the Government for wanting to rip that away from the children of Brierfield.
The teachers from Pendle Primary Academy praised the library as the only place, aside from the school’s small library, that the children can explore reading and also do their homework projects, especially since many cannot travel to Burnley or Nelson’s library’s. They told Helmut that every single student from the school is a member of the library and they love it dearly because it helps ‘everyone’ from all ages. Why would you want this taken away from your children?
The ex-mayor of Brierfield also came to support the children and said he strongly believes the library can and should remain open and that the cuts are not right and should not be happening, especially not to this important Brierfield resource.
Finally, the children had the last say and expressed their love for the library by telling stories of their own experiences with the library from reading and meeting up with friends and family to just having fun! One girl told the story of her grandmother coming to the library and that, by taking away the library, you are taking away a big chunk of not only her own future but the past of Brierfield as well. Now if that doesn’t sum up the importance of the library, what does?

WANT TO HELP? Visit Our Facebook page: Save Our Brierfield Library!

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Written by: Megan Chapman