Friday, 27 April 2018

Film Festival and Pop-up Cinema Project

As part of work experience, five BTEC Art and Design students from Nelson and Colne College came and joined us to help plan and promote an event for Pendle Film Festival. The event is about promoting young filmmaker's work by allowing them to create a 5-10 minute film with an open theme. A few selected films will be showcased at Nelson and Colne College on the 28th June, 2018. The winners of this competition will then be entered into the Pendle Film  Festival. Later on in the year we will be moving into a garage space located near Brierfield Mill and have the idea of a pop-up cinema.

The students started by brainstorming ideas on how they can approach this event including planning for a call-out, poster and video. After they had finalised the call-out, they worked in pairs separately on the poster and video. The hard-working team creating the poster have almost completed the astonishing design and it will hopefully be ready to promote the event this week. The other students filmed a short video outlining the details of the call-out in order to advertise the event.

We also worked in partnership with the Manchester School of Architecture students. The students were asked to create a ticket booth design that could be used for the pop-up cinema. Last week they visited Brierfield. In the morning they went down to the mill to get a better understanding of the space they are working with in-hopes it will inspire their initial brainstorm/design. Later on in the day they came back to our space at Brierfield Library to expand on their ideas and met the BTEC students who also input on the design. They had various ideas but the main points taken from the groups were that they wanted the space to be less-restricted and have a homely-feel. They also thought about the logistics of the place and how the ticket booth is going to work in the pop-up cinema. They had some great ideas which developed further through group discussion and team-work.

On Friday April 20th we visited the studios at Manchester Met University with the BTEC Art and Design students alongside two BTEC Film and Media students recording conversations for our radio station. We were greeted with a tour of the building before joining the students in developing a final design. When we got there we gave feedback on sketches/designs they had been working on
including the positives on the curved structures, colour and possible use of thread to connect the tubes. This reflects the mill's history. After giving feedback they wanted a perspective from the BTEC students and therefore they worked separately on how colour can be included in the design. Everyone presented their ideas and the university students would use these ideas to come up with a final design ready to construct on Monday. The MSA students are currently working on the structure and we FaceTimed them today to see how the design is progressing. So far it looks great and they have worked extremely hard on creating this design. We cannot wait to see the final outcome. They are also doing a blog to show the process of their project. Keep updated with their blog here:

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