In-Situ is a not-for-profit artist led organization based in Pendle, Lancashire. We formed in 2012 and are based in Brierfield Library.

Our vision is to bring art into the mix of the existing culture and environment of Pendle: to allow art to be a part of the everyday life.

Through art and creative activity we publically explore:
  • The natural and built environment
  • How we live our lives
  • Perceptions of the everyday life, the cultural and the environmental
  • How we perceive, appreciate affect our landscape

Through a range of art processes (performance, film, installations, drawings, collecting, and more), open-ended conversations, and partnerships with local organisations, we are gaining an ever-deepening understanding of where we live and work, and responding to it, sensitively and meaningfully, as artists. 

In-Situ (founding) Directors:

Paul Hartley - Paul is an experienced project manager and youth & community facilitator; and has been instrumental in creative community engagement in Pennine Lancashire. Paul also won the outstanding achievement award at Art 08 for his work on the BIG ART project in Burnley.

Kerry Morrison – Kerry is an experienced environment artist and ecologist. She has worked throughout the UK, including commissions for Liverpool Biennial, Tate Liverpool, and Grizedale Forest. Kerry has also worked in forests in Japan and Korea, parks, wilderness and farms in Germany, neighbourhoods in America, and urban streets in Finland. Her work is often performative and since 2006 she has endeavoured to create art without creating demands on natural resources.

William Titley - William has been a practicing artist for ten years. His work explores ideas of location, identity and spatial ownership. Utilizing local resources to facilitate projects and empower communities, his work acts as a catalyst for dialogue and reflection: from archive interventions, documentaries and exhibitions, to one-off commissions, in Lancashire, New York, London, and Lahore, Pakistan.

Our creative practices have intertwined in Pennine Lancashire since 2005. In-Situ consolidates our skills, knowledge and creativity. Collaboration and collaborative inquiry are fundamental to our core structure and methodology. Individually and collectively we promote and deliver art that respects human rights and adheres to environmental ethics (see section ethical practice). 

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